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This policy describes the collection, use, and protection of any personal data about you by North Star Health Care during the inquiry process. during the inquiry process.

What Data We Gather and How It’s Used

When you get in touch with us by filling out a contact form, calling us from our website, or sending us a message, we’ll start using the personal information you share. This includes your name, contact details, and any other information you give us during our conversations.

If you or a family member decide to use our services, we have a policy called the “Participant Privacy Policy.” This policy explains how we’ll take care of your personal information in that case.

If you’re applying to work with us, our “Employee Privacy Policy” will guide how we handle your personal information during the hiring process.

How We Use Your Information

If you or a family member are thinking about using our services, we’ll use the information you give us to pick the right care plan for you.

If you’re interested in working with North Star Health Care, we’ll use your information to send you the right employment information.

If you’ve allowed us to send you emails, we might send you more emails about living in one of our care homes or working for Fortify Health Group after the first email. This is called “direct marketing.” You can tell us to stop sending you these marketing emails at any time.

Who We Share Your Information With?

We’ll share your personal information with official organizations like regulators and the police when required by law.

We also let certain trusted vendors handle your information for us, but we only give them access if they’ve proven that they can handle your data properly.

Why We Use Your Information?

We use your personal information based on your permission, which is when you agree to it. You can change your mind at any time by sending us an email to let us know what you prefer. If you do that, we’ll remove your information from our records, and you won’t hear from us again.

How We Make Decisions

We don’t rely on computer programs to make important decisions that affect individuals. While we use computers for certain parts of our work, any choices that directly affect people will always be made by a real person.

How Long We Keep Your Information?

We’ll keep your information in our system until your situation is resolved. This could be because you told us you don’t want to hear from us anymore, you or a family member are receiving our help, or you’ve started an application with us.

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